[Videotheque] Estoner - Oomega

Estonia's leading 'spacesludge orchestra' Estoner released a video for "Oomega", their second single from an upcoming album "Tahm", to be released on 25.05.2019 on vinyl, cassette and digitally!
 Listen to the first single "Sammud" here.

"Tahm" is another step on the path of Estoner's cosmic transcendence, overlaying a thunderous mix of doom, sludge and black metal over progressive structures, evoking new and unknown levels of aural destruction on unsuspecting souls!

Estoner is a doom/sludge/black metal collective from Tallinn, Estonia. "Tahm" will be their 3rd album, celebrating the 10th anniversary of the band.
watch video on blogger in 720p

Estoner is:
Kristian-Peter Vallikivi vocals, guitar
Ralf Vinkler guitar
Jaanus Luka bass
Anton Veeremets drums
estoner band photo estoner logo

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