[Videotheque] Bone Rave - My Brothers the Crags

"My Brothers the Crags" is the first song from Bone Rave's debut EP "Four Elements" which was released on December 2018 (read a few words here). This is the video they recently published through Cine Strada Productions.

Enjoy it above on Cine Strada's youtube channel or scroll lower to watch on blogger on 720p. Lyrics and credits are available below.
I am running fast, leave no traces back
In the days I hide, in the nights I hunt
My brothers the crags
Up the north cold tops
I shoot my arrows up the skies
The stars are laughing for my misfire
And so I laugh at myself
But I learn my pulse

Days and nights, sweat and tears
Up the mountains, scare the fear
All for you, not for their lies
For the time I passed into your eyes

Cheers to the falling rain
For the times we tamed
Cheers to this broken moon
We drink to you

I don’t wait, I just go
I breathe the winds and live on
In the hut of that cloud
That keeps me warm
With bloody knees, they say I was born
Forever climb the treetops
My brothers the crags
With their unruly hearts

Written & Directed by Kristian XIpolias
With: Eleni Fotiou & Marina Salas Zamora
D.o.p: Vincenzo Stellone & Caterina Ciabatti
Operators: Vincenzo Stellone & Caterina Ciabatti
Editing & Color Correction: Kristian Xipolias
Locations scout: Kristian Xipolias
Production Assistants: Antonio Tribulato, Alessandro Zacharopoulos, Konstantinos Stavroulakis, Isabella Ammendola
Set Photographer: Alexandros Antypas
Hair&Make up Artist: Jessica Lombardo

Video was filmed with"Panasonic Lumix DMC-GX80" in Turin, Italy.

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