[Suggestion] Kooba Tercu - Kharrüb

Kooba Tercu - Kharrüb
Kooba Tercu return with their second album, Kharrüb. The album is released by an eclectic group of record companies: Hominid Sounds (UK), BodyBlows & Mafia (GR).

With a constant appetite for experimentation and of course jam, Kooba Tercu is probably a very good a example of a band that doesn't jam only for the sake of it but manages very productively to transform those jams to separate and quite noisy entities, aka tracks. While living in different places they prefer to wait and give the final form to their music only when they meet and get together in a studio and once more they did it quite efficiently.
Shifting between genres with remarkable ease, Kooba Tercu deliver a remarkable noise rock album, with lots of tribal rhythms, jungle-style percussions, psychedelic atmosphere, noisy guitars and 'weird' vocals. This an album that every time you decide to listen to it carefully you will probably discover something new in there.
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Press release:
With members now located between Athens, Crete and London -and featuring members of Casual Nun and Echo Canyon- the group came together to record a mix of songs that have been in the making for years as well as pieces that came together days before and during the recording. Kharrüb is the first batch of tunes off those sessions.

The result is an odd, noisey, psychedelic collection of heavy tunes curated to create a beautiful smooth flow of songs to be listened to as a whole. Kharrüb sounds incredibly familiar but at the same time as nothing what you've heard before. 

Edition of 350 copies in three-fold paper sleeve fitted in a film pocket.
Kooba Tercu - Kharrüb Kooba Tercu - Kharrüb Kooba Tercu - Kharrüb Kooba Tercu - Kharrüb vinyl Kooba Tercu - Kharrüb vinyl Kooba Tercu - Kharrüb vinyl

Kharrüb Credits:
Recorded by Alex Ketenjian and Ioannis Nikolakopoulos at Ilion Plus
Designed by Alex Ketenjian, Nick Dimitrakakos, Ioannis Nikolakopoulos
Mixed by Alexis Bolbassis at Arttracks Studios
Mastering by Alex Ketenjian
Artwork by Bend & Jola818
Sound design by Echo canyon

All the music and lyrics from Kooba Tercu except "Got The Fire"

Kooba Tercu band photo Kooba Tercu band photo Kooba Tercu band photo

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