[Suggestion] 7-ODDS - What Are The Odds?

7-ODDS - What Are The Odds?
Three years after their first EP release, 7-ODDS, the 5-piece garage band from Athens returned with their debut LP "What Are The Odds?". Flirting with vintage aesthetics and in a constant party mood although it gets darker from time to time, this is an album that isn't trying to impress anyone but I have a feeling that is going to be a very nice surprise to the fans of the sound that haven't yet discovered 7-ODDS.

With a total duration of 38 minutes 7-ODDS' debut LP is consisted of twelve tracks (two of them instrumental: Swagstomp, Surfowar) the whole album had a somehow addictive effect from the first listening session and it was actually quite difficult to pick a favorite. The keyboards are constantly present and in the foreground, having a lead role in many cases, which gives an oldschool touch to the whole result and that's a plus to my ears, while vocal-wise I'd say that the songs where the singing was somehow more "riffraffy" and "dirty" somehow gave more character to the final result.
the band about themselves:
7-ODDS is a garage/punk band from Athens-Greece. Upbeat, melodic, oldschool tunes, coming straight out of little private morgues, drive-ins and other cult sceneries in our minds, in order to be shared with everyone who is determined to refuse to become a stupid robot.

Following numerous gigs in Athens and festivals around Greece, with highlights the support act to The Sonics (April 2017) and The Godfathers (December 2016), we returned to Matrix Recording Studio to record our debut L.P. ''What Are The Odds?''

Three years after our first E.P. "People Wanna See" (Frontyard Records 2015) - which is sold out - , the analogue tape caught 12 original songs. These, date from back to the early days of the band up to a couple of months before the sessions and so put to map its first period.

7-ODDS is:
Boy Racer Nick Bass & backing vocals
M.P. Kouk Guitars & backing vocals
Alexandros Misirliadis Keyboards & backing vocals
Georgy P. Vocals
Marios 2 Drums & modular synthesizer

- Artist: 7-ODDS
- Release title: What Are The Odds?
- Type of Release: debut LP
- Band Origin: Athens, Greece
- Genre: garage punk, surf
- Release Date: 26 October 2018 

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