[Videotheque] Hypergiant - No Way Out

Sixteen months ago (16.Nov.'17) Hypergiant from Sydney, Australia released their debut full album "Father Sky" (read a few lines about it here). Just yesterday they gave in public a brand new video, kind of a short film, for their track "No Way Out".

Set in a post-apocalyptic scenery, we watch the protagonists' (Katherine Lee) struggle for survival in a barren, dry, desolate, inhospitable landscape where nothing seems capable of preventing her own as well as the world's impending doom.

A remarkably well made video which has a quite evocative effect to the viewer, constantly transpiring a suffocative atmosphere. It could easily become a nice post-apocalyptic short-film.
(scroll lower on this post for lyrics)
additional info:
✮ Katherine Lee
Julian Moxon
Lachlan Davidson

Direction/Editing: Nathan Lee
Camera: Ben Ryan
Makeup: Laura Bunning

Special Thanks: 
Harry Simpson
Nick Erickson
Aaron Worboys 
The shattered skyline leering down over acid seas
Volcanic plumes blot out the sun

It stares at me, crushing my chest
A lifeless, obverse reflection of myself
Our mother's womb - a nuclear tomb
In silent judgement all our kind will die

Shell-shocked neurons, flash of light
Burning daggers pierce my sight
Firmament from Earth unbound
A burial ground

Plague and plunder, death of all
Starvation of the soul
Blood and fire,storm and drought
No way out

Cracking hands held to the sky
Drowning in desperate cries
Gaze high with sunken eyes
He arrives
You will pray for death before the end comes
Hypergiant are:
Nathan Lee Guitar & Vocals
Gordon Hammer Guitar
Lachlan Davidson Bass
Julian Moxon Drums

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