[Suggestion] Their Methlab - The Last Second

Their Methlab - The Last Second
quoting the band's comment for the album:
That split moment right before you get what you longed-for. That tiny space in time and the feeling that lives inside it. The Last Second.
Six years have passed since the band's first EP release (Their Methlab EP) and it was about time they gave a new release! Luckily this is a full length and the debut album for trio from Ioannina (based in Athens). Having seen them in the meantime in live performance I had noticed that their music was quite heavier (at times) compared to what they've presented us with their EP, so I was somehow ready for a heavier approach in their new release, and here it is!
While not forgetting at all their melodic and atmospheric side they keep composing their music in a cinematic style but this time they added a lot of heavy moments. Every composition gives you the impression that it could be part of a bigger soundtrack and in some cases there's a feeling that a scene is being unfolded slowly at times and leading to an outburst occasionaly.
If you're into post rock the chances are "The Last Second" is not going to blow you away but it will definitely please you and make you play it over and over again. Personally, I believe the fans of "Their Methlab" really have in their hands the album they were expecting for so many years and there is no bigger satisfaction to see a band you like delivering such a nice release.
If you've never heard of Their Methlab in the past then this is a very nice chance get to know them!
Enjoy the album below!

"The Last Second" is currently available only in digtal format but is going to be released on Vinyl and CD by Their Methlab and SweetOhm Recordings, The Lab Records, Body Blows Records, Fuzz Ink Records, B-otherSide Records and Underground Union Records in May 2019.

Their Methlab is:
Dimitris Spanos Bass
Nikos Vatalachos Drums
Mixalis Spanos Guitar
Their Methlab's brief bio
First jams for methlab came around late 2011, in Ioannina city. In March, 2013 they released a demo - EP. The band’s music is a mixture of post rock/metal with psy rock elements, trying to create a unique expression for itself. Over the years they have shared the stage with Jakob (ΝΖ), Toundra (ES), Samsara Blues Experiment (DE), Elder (USA). As of 2017, headquarters of methlab facilities (both residency and laboratories) are located in Athens.

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