Releases, in threes [#6] Alternative touch pt.I

Releases in threes [#6] Alternative touch pt.I
- THE RANDEN -  Strange times
- LOWER CUT - Ocean
- 4LT. - Puppet Syndrome Society

- In "Releases, in threes" three albums of about the same genre or attitude (or not) are reviewed in brief. Probably one would enjoy listening the three of them in a row, no matter the order.
From time to time I find myself returning back to certain less heavy albums but equally 'important' for me, necessary for my 'musical sanity', ear health and brain healing. Usually such albums contain songs that have something to say and I catch myself t murmuring the lyrics or even singing along while listening. For all the above reasons I am today flashing back on those three albums.

THE RANDEN -  Strange times
The Randen - Strange times (Greece, 2017)
I have a feeling that 'Strange Times' belongs in the category of albums that are highly underrated or even ignored by a great majority of listeners mostly because it wasn't released by a well known 'artist'; yet it lacks no 'quality' at all. Balancing between classic and alternative attitude and having a pretty distinctive sound this album has a peculiar energy, enough melody and strength, other times to rock you or through the lyrics to make you think besides just amuse you. Have a taste below of their song 'Fake Story'.

Lower Cut - Ocean (2017, Greece)
Being the the 2nd full album and the last one of the band it surely is their most complete work. Darker and yet more trenchant than their debut, but still on the same path, it blends the guitaristic alternative attitude with new wave and indie rock.

Read more info and a brief review of the album here.
Watch video for the opening song "Oceans" here. 
Have a taste below of their song 'Distraction'

4LT. - Puppet Syndrome Society
4LT. - Puppet Syndrome Society (2016, Greece)
While still being easily 'categorized' as alternative, this album is a little different from the previous two presented here, as in being a little heavier from time to time (see Phobia & Lay it on the Line) and even treading in a somewhat progressive path that one may not be expecting.  This the most mature release of the band so far (new album is coming soon) and it is quite clear that the band has a lot more to give especially if they keep an open mind a go on experimenting withouth any restraints, and I somehow feel that this is their nature. Have a taste below of their song ' Phobia'.

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