[Review] Isla Fortuna - Verity

Isla Fortuna - Verity
When Isla Fortuna's debut arrived to our inbox I really didn't have a clue of what I was going to hear but the description the band attached into their email made me even more eager to press play on their debut. After having listened to their debut several times I am now in the position to declare absolutely happy that this release found it's way to Downtuned's inbox and finally to my ears.

'Verity' is the band's debut album but Isla Fortuna have been around since 2013 and that fact somehow is reflected in the maturity of their compositions and their general approach to their music style. While many people would rush and categorize them, without any hesitation, in the 'stoner' genre (a term that for years is being violated), the heavy rock trio from Cyprus blend several more influences and music genres into their style.
Obviously they are heavily influnenced by the general stoner, desert scene but they take those influences many steps further, chosing a more alternative style for the vocals, leaving a lot of space for guitaristic parts and solos (embedding folk and prog elements as well), while never forgetting their heavy side, solidly created by both the bass and the drums which follow some prog patterns from time to time.
While characterizing their style as 'progressive' would be a sacrilege to the truly progressive bands of the scene, 'Isla Fortuna' have surely adopted a quite unrestrained attitude which works to their favor because it really becomes their own identity.
Still the true power of this album imho emanates from the fact that the band didn't set strict confining limits to the way they compose and play and that is something that gives me the 'right' to expect and believe that if Isla Fortuna continue on that path they will soon give us another release to talk about.

We are Isla Fortuna, a three-piece rock band based in Larnaca, Cyprus. We formed the band in 2013 with the purpose of creating original music and have recently released our debut album ‘Verity’.
We believe we are communicating our own unique feel and music taste through our work. Our music combines rock riffs and progressions, psychedelic and atmospheric elements, emerging from a diverse background of music genres including progressive, desert rock, blues-rock and trip-hop.  We have the vision to combine old and new musical elements with an ever-expanding experimentation on sound and composition.
Since its inception and the realisation of the chemistry between the members, the band has been dedicated and committed to the goal of creating this album, even at times of living apart, between London, UK and Cyprus.
We have so far played several live events in Cyprus, either as guest band for bands coming from abroad, including ‘The Great Machine’ and ‘1000Mods’ as well as festivals such as ‘Power of the Night’ and ‘Into the Limbo’.
We have also played joint events with other local bands all around Cyprus.  Our latest performances include our album presentation in Larnaca and Nicosia, Cyprus. We have currently booked gigs around Cyprus for the remainder of 2018 and are looking to play around Europe thereafter. 

Isla Fortuna are
Nicolas Fournaris Bass, Vocals 
Stefanos Eliopoulos Drums
Lykourgos Xenophontos Guitar

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