[Quick Fixes] The Giant's Fall - The Giant's Fall

The Giant's Fall - The Giant's Fall
Recently, a new instrumental doom project was introduced to us by its creator, through a self-titled debut. If you ever were familiar with Lucky Funeral and Bone to Rust then you are also familiar with Mike, the man behind the microphone on those two bands (and also bassist on Bone to Rust).

The Giant's Fall is Mike's latest, personal experiment. This is totally a one-man project since everything was performed by Mike himself: guitars, basses, drum edits, keyboards, synths, recording, mixing and mastering. Hailing from Heraklion/Crete and inspired by Talos, he created this instrumental experiment which is dedicated to the mythical giant-automaton of Crete.

The whole 'album' is evolving in a constantly dark, murky and shady atmosphere and despite the fact that there are no lyrics there is a general feeling that a story is unfolding as the tracks advance. I listened to the whole release maybe a dozen of times or more, either by cranking up the volume on my speakers or with headphones and I really have the impression fans of slow, drone-doom will be very pleased by the volume of it.

Nevertheless, I suspect that the result could have been much more impressive if there was a whole band behind 'The Giant's Fall', working together and not just one person, but on the other hand thinking that this is just a one-man project makes it a nice achievement.

I don't know if this project will go on but it is definitely a nice start and I sure do wish that we'll see more releases, of anykind, by Mike.
'The Giant's Fall' is currently available only in digital format. Below you can listen to it through bandcamp or youtube.

extra info:
1. The title of the first track "Ichor" comes from the Ancient Greek word "ἰχώρ" which was the ethereal fluid circulating inside vains of Gods' and immortals.
2. On the track "The Giant King" we are listening to Martin Luther King's anti-war speech quotes back from the late '60s.

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