[Quick Fixes] Cult of Scarecrow - Cult of Scarecrow EP

 Cult of Scarecrow - Cult of Scarecrow EP

Cult of Scarecrow is a relatively new band from Belgium that recently (November 6th 2018), released their first EP (4 songs) on CD and digital format. Jeannot, the drummer, was kind enough to send us the EP soon after its official release so we took the time to give it a listen and also play it on Downtuned Radio.

Given that this is their first EP release, kind of like a demo in my eyes, it can only give me a general idea of where the band is musically oriented. It is quite obvious that metal is the common ground of all the members, and as their name  'Cult of Scarecrow' apparently denotes they chose a darker path for their music.
Balancing between epic doom and heavy metal, with clean and quite melodic vocals and a lyrics thematology that deals with a "prophecy of doom": the destruction of our planet, the extermination of mankind and the takeoff into the cold blackness of space, Cult of Scarecrow manage to create quite nice atmosphere.

I suspect that all this dark atmosphere that the band seems to enjoy it would be much more intense with a more 'raw' and less-polished production but that is a totally subjective matter.

We'll be waiting for a full album to clearly see where the band is going. Until then, give a listen to their s/t EP below:

Cult of Scarecrow are:
Filip De Wilde (ex-Innerface) Lead Vocals
Jan Van Der Poorten (ex-Explorer, Dead Serious, Die Sinner Die) Guitars
Ivan De Strooper (ex-Explorer, Dead Serious, Die Sinner Die) Guitars
Gunther ‘Gunny’ Poppe (ex-Trial, Dead Serious, Die Sinner Die) Bass & Backing Vocals
Eddy Scheire (ex- Battering Ram, Ramses) Keyboards & Backing Vocals
Jeannot Schram (ex-Mindruin, Die Sinner Die) Drums

Jeannot quit the band at the time of the release of the EP. Nico Regelbrugge (ex-Shogun, Tears of Colossus) replaced him on the drums. 
Cult of Scarecrow band photo 2018, downtuned magazine

additional info:
The album was recorded at the Oceanside Studios in Ostend (Belgium), engineered and mixed by Ace Zec. It was mastered by Carsten Bucher at Track1 Recording Studios in Bremen (Germany). The artwork (logo and scarecrow) was made by Black Space Graphics in Greece.

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