[Quick Fixes] Speechtones - Step (EP)

Speechtones - Step
Speechtones is a relatively new band from Sardinia, Italy. It's three members begun playing together as 'Speechtones' back in 2016 trying to define their own personal sound by mixing heavy rock, fusion, with a bit of bluesy and desert tones.

STEP is their first ever release and it is a three-track EP with total duration of about 14minutes. I was happy to see a new band like Speechtones avoiding the typical 'stoner' road that a great bunch of new bands of the scene follow, copying a single type of sound.
Speechtones are obviously trying from the beginning to create a distinctive sound of their own, with a their own particular way based on blending their several different influences which obviously go much further than typical heavy rock. Just make sure to concentrate on the bass-lines and I am quite sure you'll understand what I'm trying to say here. 

A tasty debut-EP release from Italy, promising to keep you good company on the hot days of the summer that's already unfolding in this part of the world.

Speechtones band photo 2017

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