[Videotheque] Last Rizla - Oporto

Last Rizla - Oporto
Last Rizla just offered us their brand new track "Oporto", along with its official video!!

The song will be part of the special release "Jazz on Bones", a double 7-inch split along with Friend of Gods, Rita Mosss and Sadhus (The Smoking Community).

Read below their announcement and watch the video.

Look at that — brand new tune and brand new video! Watch in 4K(!) for sweet animated half-tones awe.

We're happy to announce an extra special release, a double 7-inch split record with fellow simians Friend Of Gods, Rita Mosss and Sadhus ''The Smoking Community''. A conglomerate of colossal proportions between music industry titans ROUFA records and Fuzz ink. Records.

We participate with our song "Oporto" — a commentary on modern mental health issues, prescription drugs abuse and pissed underwear.

Expect "Jazz on Bones" very soon! #not
Video by acclaimed spanish artist Claudia Dina Fernandez de Cuña.


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