[Suggestion] Okwaho - Okwaho

Okwaho - Okwaho
It's been almost 2,5 years since Okwaho released their first 3-track-demo and now they are back with their debut full album!

It's heavy, it's low, it's slow, its sludgy, it's dark it's massive and it's angry, balancing between doom and sludge, with a 'bluesy' attitude and the proper vocals. Highly recommended for fans of ultra bass sound, massive distortion and slow speeds.

Scroll below and have a taste...
...and FUCK YOUR GODS!! ;-)

 Okwaho are:
Andreas Drums
Bob Bass
George Guitars / Vocals

more info:
- Artist: Okwaho
- Release title: Okwaho
- Type of Release: debut album
- Band Origin: GREECE, Athens
- Genre: doom, sludge
- Release Date: 15 March 2018

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