[Videotheque] Kemerov - Plague of Nations

Kemerov - Plague of Nations
A few days ago, KEMEROV, the death'n'rollers from Greece gave in public their first ever videoclip for their song Plague of Nations.

Watch it below!

Here is the band's announcement:
We are proud to present our first music video! Based on Elem Klimov's masterpiece 'Idi i Smotri' and re-edited by dear friend Vangelis Neofotistos (aka Crux), we think this is a perfect visual companion to our song 'Plague of Nations'!


It starts so innocently
As a basic notion
Instinct of survival
And self-preservation

It's become so dead wrong
And so fucking twisted
How humanity's been
Reduced to nothing

Rooted in your nature
Deadly and contagious
The plague of nations

Pledging allegiance
To some colored cloth
Renouncing all virtues
Under a sick law

Feel proud for deeds
Others have done
And for conditions
Decided by luck

Global hellfire
To burn down all borders
Reboot mankind
And start it all over

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