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Concerto Grosso
Concerning classical music, the term "Concerto Grosso" (Italian for "Big Concert") is a form of baroque music in which the musical material is passed between a small group of soloists and full orchestra.
This is in contrast to the "solo concerto" which features a single solo instrument with the melody line, accompanied by the orchestra.

Concerning Greek heavy underground scene, "Concerto Grosso" is a band from the island of Syros.

The band started somewhere back in 2003 as a black metal duet. They did some recordings in two different studios during 2004-2005 and released their first 3-track demo in 2015. There were 'plans' to add vocals too but it never happened and despite the proposal they had from a known bassist of the Greek heavy scene, this first demo remained the band's only release for a long time.

The band stayed inactive for several years and in 2016 they got back together and returned as a trio (guitar, bass, drums), started rehearsing on brand new material and with whole new different sound.

The band's exact words for this comeback are clear:
"Concerto Grosso formed in 2003 and after a nonsense break, they added boil room frequencies and returned as a trio in 2016. They added boil-room frequencies to their sound and became a trio exploring new territories of mind and turned on again their landscape generator.
...Groove psychedelic sounds... "

Concerto Grosso - The SubstanceDuring 2017 they started uploading some of their new material that actually were live recording from the "Piskopian Rehearsal Room".
In November 2017 they picked eight tracks from those live recordings and compiled a mixtape under the title "The Substance" which is actually their first full release ever. This mixtape also contains a cover on Cure's song "A Forest".

The current sound of "Concerto Grosso" is not easily describable as it is a strange mix of post-rock, doom, drone and several other genres blended together inside Concerto Grosso's 'psychedelic bubble'.
Give it a listen below and let's all hope to see a new release soon from those crazy guys.

or listen on youtube through  666MrDoom's channel
concerto grosso - the substance

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