[Suggestion] Drunk Jackals - Countryside

Drunk Jackals - Countryside
Drunk Jackals were formed in February 2015 in the vast, unforgiving 'desert' known as Corinth, in Greece. Influenced both by their surroundings and their common taste, they decided to play old-fashioned rock set on a dusty American west backdrop. Armed with alcohol and eager to rock, they gaze at the horizon as the burning sun sets behind them.

Playing a mixture of americana-flavored, boogie, garage rock, the Drunk Jackals are a perfect soundrack for when you're driving pointlessly and with no particular destination due west on the countryside in a middle of a hot summer day. 

Their influences: White Stripes, T-Rex, ZZ Top, AC/DC, The Rolling Stones, Spoon, Dinosaur Jr, The 13th Floor Elevators

The album is available on standard 180gr / 12" vinyl through their bandcamp page

more info:
- Band: Drunk Jackals 
- Release title: Countryside 
- Type of Release: debut LP
- Band Origin: Corinth, GREECE
- Genre: rock, boogie, americana
- Release Date: 22 October 2017

 Drunk Jackals are:
Theo Vocals
Leslie Guitars
Polonós Bass
Panágos Drums & Percussion

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