[Quick Fixes] Enhailer - Dumb Enough to Care

Enhailer - Dumb Enough to Care
This single-track EP is for sure one of the heaviest and darkest things I've listened during the last month and it's most probably among the heaviest and most interesting releases for 2017.
Having been released on 11th December (Blackseed Records) it won a place in my playlist from the first listen and remains constantly among the tracks that I really enjoy listening with the volume quite a bit higher than usual.

This EP consists of a single track with a duration of just over 18 minutes! It wouldn't be right to put a single genre-label on this release and although  "Dumb Enough to Care" is a dark, doom hymn it also adopts and embeds a bunch of characteristics from a lot of different genres.
Progressive heavy rock, doom metal, classic heavy metal, death'n'roll, blackened roll are some of the ingredients of Enhailer's 'recipe' in this release, and if the ingredients sound intriguing, wait until you taste the combination.

It would be interesting if the lyrics were available although we get a hint about their thematology from the two samples the can be heard inside the track and that are taken from two different sources:

i. The first at 2:43 is from the series "Trailer Park Boys" (s02e07 "The Winds of Shit"):
"You know what a shit-barometer is, Bubs?
Measures the shit-pressure in the air.
You can feel it. Listen, Bubs. Hear that?
The sounds of the whispering winds of shit. Can you hear it?...
Oh, but you will, my sorry little friend, when the old shit-barometer rises, and you'll feel it too.
Your ears will implode from the shit-pressure...
You were warned Bubs... but you picked the wrong side!
Beware my friend. Shit-winds are a comin'."

ii. and the second at 7:12 from the movie "Deadbeat at Dawn (1988)":
"Man, that ain't nothin' compared to the rush you can get when you're killin' somebody, man.
You know what I mean?
When you lookin' in their eyes and you're seein' all that life just go right out of 'em, it's power.
I hate people man, I don't care.
I don't give a shit, I don't give a SHIT about nothin'.
Man, all my life people have fucked with me, don't you fuck with me, Man.
I just fucking hate people. I hate people, AND I DON'T CARE.
I just don't fucking care.
I don't care.

Despite the fact that Enhailer from Akron, Ohio have been around since 2014 I've never listened to any of their releases so far, and this EP hit me like a solid iron meteorite. I am so happy when bands appear in front of me somehow out of the blue, with such powerful releases that make me eager to search and listen their past and look forward for their next release. And this won't be long because the band already announced they will be releasing two splits by the spring of 2018.

more info about Enhailer:

Enhailer was formed in 2014 by core members of Mockingbird and Rue. In 2015 the band recorded their first 4 song demo and in 2016 entered Tangerine Dreams studio in Akron, Ohio to record their first full length on which they experimented with the use of cellos and keys. The album, which was titled Grisaille was released on Blackseed records in June of 2016. After the release of Dumb Enough To Care on December 11th, the band is set to release two splits by the spring of 2018.

Current lineup:
Michael Gilpatrick - Bass (Ex- Rue, Fistula, Mockingbird)
Chadd Beverlin - Drums (Ex Mockingbird , Cultist)
Matt Snyder - Rhythm guitarvocals
Mike Shea - Lead guitar

2015 s/t Demo
2016  "Grisaille"
2017 "Dumb enough to care"

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