[Suggestion] Damirah - Lights and Guns and Fire

Damirah - Lights and Guns and Fire
This album is probably among the best debuts of the last years in the local scene. Damirah from Patras came with this album and shook the waters in the post-rock scene and not only. "Lights and Guns and Fire" is a very melodic, instrumental post-rock album constantly oozing a 'strange' calmness which seems to shelter a power inside that is ready to explode any minute.

This power, surfaces methodically from time to time creating magnificent crescendos that unwrap either in a melancholic or a more "colorful" way.

 - Band: Damirah
 - Release title: Lights and Guns and Fire
 - Type of Release: full album, debut
 - Band Origin: GREECE, Patra

 - Genre: post-rock
 - Release Date: 11 October 2017

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