[News] 1st Farm Festival | Baladesert & friends [30Sept.'17]

 1st Farm Festival | Baladesert & friends 30Sept.'17
Baladesert and friends are saying 'goodbye' to the summer through the 1st Farm Festival with the appropriate, underground way in 'Boubie's Ranch'... 

Grilled meat delicacies, beer, wine, rehearsals, live, jam, events and happenings.

- Saturday 30 September 2017 -
starts at: .. afternoon ..
 ".. From the Farm to your ears .."

Beer / glass of wine (red & white) / souvlaki: 1€ each

p.s.1: Vegeterians and vegans: bring tupper with food or else... starvation
p.s.2: there will be no other drinks except beer and wine (bring anything else you like)

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