[Suggestion] Omegaray - ΩRAY

Omegaray - ΩRAY
Omegaray is a quite new project in which George Karanikolas (member of the mighty The Last Drive) has put his signature and along Stefanos Flotsios (guitar/vocals), Mono Kaktos (percussion/vocals) and Kostas Loukopoulos (percussion) created "ΩRAY", a great debut album.
Based on psychedelia it blends beautifully kraut elements, noisy atmosphere, folk and acid influences accompanied with lyrics (in Greek) that are in constant flirt with poetry.
ΩRAY is an album that every time you listen to it you may discover something new...
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- Artist: Omegaray
- Release title: ΩRAY
- Type of Release: debut LP
- Band Origin: GREECE, Athens
- Genre: psychedelic, ambient
- Release Date: 30 March 2017

more background info provided by the band:
Chilling with 2 acoustic guitars and some wrecked bongos left in an attic, we started playing one noon and got till late at night without having something specific in mind; that was exactly what we wanted to avoid: specificness. Something we betrayed partly during recording, but not in our live performances.

Then we started collecting different objects creating noise, while a cheap Phonic mixer console got into our hands (god bless Vagelis and Haris), so worn out but so revealing for our sound, which was then determined by it. We mixed everything through this console (guitars, percussion, glockenspiel, voices) and created a unique sonar universe in which we felt instantly so comfortable and perfect, that even that trashy otherworldly watercolour didn't bother us, in fact it was exactly what we loved.

Our rehearsals lasted 8 hours each. In reality, each song lasted 8 hours and each rehearsal was one song, it felt like a short time... and it still does!
With the same sound gear (the Phonic console and 2 speakers) and always the same vibe we stared out for our first gigs. 4 live performances in 4 special places: a beach in Donousa, a beach in Amorgos, under the castle of Astypalaia and a plateau in Kefalonia, and it was super cool, the crowd leaped into our world and suddenly we were a band.

In our first rehearsals after we returned, Kostakis joined in with a djembe, the whole thing got bigger but without its nature altered. We were there and we just wanted to make an extension to what were playing. Luck is on your side sometimes. We decided to get in the studio and make a record live in one day, and it was superb, us and Akis on the console. 24 hours, extreme attitude and we're OK.

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