[Quick Fixes] The Miskeys - Shadow (EP)

The Miskeys - Shadows
The Miskeys, is a music duo formed in Xanthi, Greece, in 2013 by Chris Naidos (guitars, vocals) and Sotiris Litsas "Snil", (drums). They decided to create a music band based on their common musical taste. The outcome of this union provides mostly blues, psychedelic blues, garage and groovy sounds.
The band’s blues rock and stoner blues sound draws from Chris’s influences, including Muddy Waters, R.L. Burnside, Josh Homme and Jack White.
Chris and Sotiris are both influenced by artists such as The White Stripes, The Heavy, Black Keys, Arctic Monkeys, Black Pistol Fire, Reignwolf and more, and are already self-producing their own tracks!

A month ago The Miskeys released their first EP under the title "Shadow". The EP is consisted of four tracks and has a total duration of 15 minutes. The fact that they only use one guitar, drums and vocals makes this band 'special' at first "sight".
Listening to the EP I got the feeling that those two guys wanted to keep it minimal in a way, but still they were able to create a special atmosphere and a pretty distinctive style of their own. Having already declared their style as a groovy mixture of blues rock and garage that's what they indeed deliver in "Shadow". The vocals are also following a minimal attitude, being mostly in a bluesy, hypnotic mood throughout this EP and it is very clear in general that most of the artists they stated as their influences are 'present' throughout the EP.

What I really enjoyed while listening this EP was the drums that seemed to be supporting a great deal of the compositions' "weight". Also it seems that great work has been done during the production considering the sound of the drums (I really adored the sound of the snare) which I think is critical especially in a band that lacks the presence of a bass guitar.

At this point I must note that although the guitar lacks no groove nor volume, it is very clear that the final result could have been a lot more groovy and fat. That's a personal opinion that has to do with my own taste but I really think that the use of a second guitar or a bass during the production could have given a groove-boost to the sound of the EP. Performing live with a guitar and drums can be groovy enough (and the Miskeys are indeed) if you are using the proper effects and a good backline but the studio is a whole lot different story if you want to create the same (almost) result.

Nonetheless, the result was decent and since the genre that they chose has plenty of room for experimentation I am already eager to see the next steps of the band and I also want to wish the best to them for the musical journey they started through "Shadow".

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