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Dəem - _ (http://wearedeem.bandcamp.com/)
The guitarist and the drummer of 'Darnakes' left Greece and they are currently living in Stockholm, Sweden.
There, they created a new project with the name 'Dəem' and created this experimental, psych-folk album using bouzouki, bass and drums.
A very special release, highly recommended for everyone that likes folk experimentation projects.
The music has a lot of Greek folk and Eastern elements with an "electric" approach and a paganistic touch.

The artwork was made by Theano G. (bass on Craang)
Recorded, mixed and produced Flow Recordings, Serres, Greece.

Dəem were also featured in Downtuned's Compilation "Abell35-"


a quote from their bandcamp page:
...with all ways out blocked, caught in an never-ending spiral present, redemption can only be achieved through Dəem (Da- ém); a banned timeworn ritual demanding the trade of a part of one’s self in order to reveal the lost path towards the light. Anticipating the effect and then silence

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