[Band Visit] Cult of the Scum [GR]

cult of the scum
Formed in early 2014, as a side project of Shock Absorber guitarist Kostas Tsagkaris, ex-Shock Absorber bassist Tasos Tsiropoulos and Astray drummer Tolis Anagnostou, the Cult Of The Scum hit the ground running.

After extended rehearsing they entered the studio in the summer of the same year to record their first full length album, as a trio with Kostas taking over the vocals along with the guitar parts. 
The band's line up was expanded in early 2015 and the band became more than ready for live appearances. 

On 1st December 2016 'Cult of the Scum' uploaded on their bandcamp page their first recordings which came to be their debut album.
Playing a mixture of groovy, heavy rock and blues, 'Cult of the Scum' are a definite appetizer to 'escort' your beer or for any occasion involving an excessive-alcohol-consumption.

If you want a quick taste:  click play on Ain't gonna sing the blues

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