[Quick Fixes] Dr​. ​Awkward and the Screws - s/t (EP)

The first weeks of 2017 have already offered us some remarkable releases in general and especially concerning the Greek heavy underground scene. The heavy rock scene in Greece is continuously producing new and quality bands with very interesting, if not great, releases and this EP is yet another proof for that.
Dr​.​Awkward and the Screws have been playing together since 2014 and this is their first ever release, a three-track s/t EP.

If I had to describe the album using only one word, well this would be: "GROOVE". Blues, heavy rock, killer grooves, funky and 70s vibes with a more contemporary touch, great voice and a very nice production... Well? Do I need to say more to convince you to click 'play'? The EP has a total duration of almost 15minutes and by the time the 3rd track ends I am sure you will be asking for "more of that stuff".

Dr​.​Awkward and the Screws, as of now, are on my 'watch-list' and I will definitely be looking to catch them in a live gig.

With this debut-EP they've created a lot of expectations and I hope to hear from them again soon, with a full album as groovy as this one, or even more ;-)

Rock on guys!


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