[Review] OTEHI - Dead Chants And Forbidden Melodies

OTEHI - Dead Chants And Forbidden Melodies
It's a great feeling to see that a band that you already liked so far, is making steps forward in a very natural and "carefull" way but at the same time keeping a very spontaneous attitude. "OTEHI" is one of these bands that recently made me feel this way with their new release "Dead Chants and Forbiden Melodies".

Being already very fond of their previous EPs (Noisy Spirit/2011, Rise of the Elements/2012) I was glad to realise that with their newest and first full release they continued walking in the same nice path they already have chosen from the beginning.
In many cases we've witnessed a band releasing a demo or an EP with a particular sound and then choosing (wrongly imho) to make a full release with a "polished", "shiny" production which makes them sound like any of the other one trillion bands on this galaxy.

OTEHI chose to keep their characteristic sort-of lo-fi attitude even in their full album and that is really what I firstly enjoyed in this album.
OTEHITheir compositions still retain the level of their previous releases and make steps even further, mixing all their influences in a solid amalgam of psychedelic heavy rock, Sludge, Doom, Ambient and Tribal Chants so nicely blended and balanced that can drive you in a beautiful musical ride.
Not being "afraid" of making lengthy compositions but, in the contrary, being very confident in doing so, they managed to compose an album that has a duration of 67 minutes in total while the shortest track lasts 8 minutes. Experimentation is something this Italian trio loves very much and they do it with such a success that will not tire the listener. In the contrary, if anyone started listening to this album and pushed "play" on the first track it is most likely that he would not stop until the album is over.

Being already a great fan of this band I feel like I have to stop writing more stuff about this album so that I avoid exaggerating about it ;-)
If you are into psychedelic heavy rock then you should surely give an opportunity to this album which surely gets it place among the most interesting releases of 2014.

by .Sotos.

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