[Quick Fixes] Alien Mustangs - River (10'' EP)

Alien Mustangs - River (10'' EP)
Despite the fact that I am on vacation I felt a strong desire to write a few words about this great release and share my enthusiasm with the rest of the planet.
Since May 21st, which was the release date of this EP, I must have listened to this "gem" several dozen times.
These guys from Thessaloniki, Greece really did a great job in this (2nd) EP. In their first s/t EP (2012) they introduced us to their garage mood, with their energetic guitars and the great vocals that absolutely fit to their musical style.
"River" is a 3-track EP. The second track named "Animal Future" is the one more close to the style of their first EP, composed in a faster tempo with louder vocals than the other two tracks. The 1st (River) and 3rd track (Alone) are introducing to us the band's atmospheric and psychedelic explorations. Hypnotic loops, interspersed and adorned with trippy guitars and effects, followed by ethereal vocals flooding you with peaceful emotions. 
I've been eager to catch this band live but never had the chance to attend an "Alien Mustangs" gig. After the release of this EP (by HandsInSand) my "hunger" got bigger, so, when the guys from Fuzztastic Planet Festival announced the participation of the band to the fest I was overwhelmed, finally I would have the chance to see how these guys perform live. I knew that I wasn't going to be disappointed but I realy didn't expect to see this kind of performance. Everything was just as it should be, if not better. The band managed to win the audience, even those who have never listened to their songs before, and this is a real WIN for a band. "Alien Mustangs" managed to be the first band in the festival from which the whole audienced sincerely asked for an "encore" and kept shouting until the band came back for more.

Friendly advice: Download (FOR FREE) this EP and give it a listen or two. If you are into garage-psychedelia there is no chance that you won't adore this band. Well, if you don't... send me the bill :-P

by Sotos

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