[Review] Semen Of The Sun - Those Pills

Semen Of The Sun - Those Pills
New release for Semen of the Sun and the party goes on. After “the Walk” which was released in 2012, “Those Pills” continues were they left us. Ten new minimal songs, like their album cover, create a pure rock record – just like that.

First song is “The Trip” and you get into the mood. Straight guitars and groovy drums take you to a short and quick trip. “Those Pills” follows with its catchy refrain and the speed goes up. Since it's understandable what the album is about, after the heavily “Sweet Ignorance” with its bluesy solo, we hear “Red Corvette”, album’s first single, a genuine hit you would like to hear on the road to the beach.

The most alternative point of all is given by “You are Gonna Lose it Boy” in a mid tempo and a 90’s feeling.

Another hit that follows, and maybe my personal favorite track from the album, is “Immune to Stupidity” with smart lyrics and a fuzzy solo that shake you real good. “Telescope” is next and the trip goes on, passing through the most melodic and the one with the finest basslines, “Promise”.

We’re catching the 70’s “Love is Bound” where cowbell and tambourine give a sexy rhythm to its sharp riff. So, this is how “Scared to Death” ends the album, with a much more heavily atmospheric mood and we reach our destination. Summing up, “Those Pills” is a good mix of Rock n’ Roll, Grunge and Stoner.

by Kavaldi

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