[Interview] Down with Korsikov [GR]

Welcome to Downtuned
Tell us a few words about the group, when and where did you get started?
How did you meet?
Hello Downtuned! The idea of getting a band together goes back to 2001 when Giorgos and Stavros were studying at the university. In 2005 they met Yiannis at a party and after a few beers more we arranged our first rehearsal, back then known to the world as Horny By Dawn. The name changed to Korsikov in 2006 before our first live show in Farsala. Back then we were a four piece with Mitsos of Released Anger on bass.


Which are your musical influences?
The musical influences range from anything that's heavy to anything that grooves, such as 60's- 70's pop and early punk to grunge and metal. In general anything that sounds good to our ears and feels right in our gut.

What’s your lyrics about? What catches your interest?
Everyday live situations, relationships with the fair sex and friends, disappointments, fictional stories that sound good in words and early morning booze rendered thoughts, exaggerated to the point where everything can mean anything.

Is the communication with the crowd something that you care about, in all levels, or do you do music for yourselves?
First of all we played music for ourselves. It is a kind of mental and spiritual healing ( yes, we also love DEATH!!). Of course, from the moment that a band plays live in front of a crowd, it is very pleasant to see people you know and don't know, reacting and communicating with you through the music. So, as much as we play music for us do we play music for everyone who cares to notice us.

Do you feel like you’re a part of a particular “scene” in which you would like to join and contribute or you are indifferent about it?
As much of a cliche it may sound like, we belong to the underground scene. As for labelling a scene,  who gives a shit? But we DO care about the underground, it is part of us as and we are part of it, and there are many awesome bands and music in there, so we are proud to be part of that and to support it.

How do you imagine that the band will be in ten years from now?
We don't know.. maybe playing live on Mars with borrowed amps, drinking antigravity beers???!! Maybe... Who knows... Do you?

Which famous artist you would like to do a guest to a record of yours and why?
This could become a very big band in the end... Chris Goss as producer (after all he made Kyuss), Pete Steele because it would be cool to hear how we sound with a huuuuge bass, Dale Crover on a drum duell with Yiannis, Kirk Windstein and Matt Pike for backing vocals (hehe), and Tony Iommi, well, beacuse he is TONY IOMMI... This could go on for another three days.

What plans do you have for the near future?
For sure to get our record done and hopefully another and another and play gigs whenever and wherever it is possible.

We wish you good luck to whatever you’re doing, the epilogue is yours.
Thank you for your wishes and the support. Well... Listen to heavy loud music, get laid, never be thirsty, open your mind, party!! 
See you out there! \m/ I.H.E.R.

by Kavaldi

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