[Live Report] Ufomammut & Last Rizla @ An Club, Athens, 29/03/2014

Finally, after years of waiting, Athens and Thessaloniki finally watched Ufomammut in their first live in Greece. Everybody, in the full of people An Club on Saturday night, shared the same enthusiasm on enjoying the greatest psych doom band alive.
Along with them we watched Last Rizla, a very powerful greek band in a similar heavy sound.

On 21.30 Last Rizla hit the stage. From the first minute they were able to show how serious they were. The trio played heavy post-sludge tracks and warmed the stage, while they were doing their own thing. What we heard was mostly new instrumental compositions, heavier than their oldest and much more grown. The exception took place when vocalist Stavros from Sadhus (the smoking community) came along and took over the singing section, giving a special touch. The drums were heavy and stood-out for their sound, and basslines with guitars gave a very strong and psychedelic meaning to the whole. After 40 minutes of listening to them, we can make sure that we want to see them again in such a high turnout event.

Around 22.30 some sparkling and chaotic shapes started to show up on the screen. We knew it was time and Vita stood behind the drums giving the main steady rhythm for “Superjunkhead”. Poia on guitars and Urlo on bass and vocals came after and their unique space doom sound filled the place. It was the place and time where Eyehategod met Pink Floyd, live. They played a variety of compositions, from their first album “Godlike Snake” to the latest “Oro” duology. We heard distorted trippy vocals from Urlo’s voice, a very saturnine rhythm section, which did an extraordinary match with the pure psychedelic – although distorted - guitars. These three guys were excellent performers as they shared their adrenaline with the crowd, which was very responsive to it. We listened some big moments from their career like the obscure “Stigma” and the riffage “Eve Pt. III”. They decided to finish the official playlist after 70 minutes of tripping, but soon, they came back to stage giving us two momentous encores, with songs such as the atmospheric “Stardog” and the jam-groovy “God” for around 40 minutes. We can easily guess how into them was the Athenian crowd; not only because of Ufomammut’s outstanding performance, but for the kind of sing along help they gave in the exceptional “Stardog”, definitely the greatest moment from the live.

After 15 years of their beginning, Ufomammut stood in front of us and gave their best effort. Ufomammut are taking their sound seriously as they have members for every part that makes their dark-atmospheric live that special responsible for the visual effects is another member, Lu from “Malleus Rock Art Club”. They are performers and they have very strong and firm tracks. To be fair, it was a great share between a jamming psychedelic band and a heavy sludge doom one. Seeing the trio live, we made sure what “Ufo” and “Mammut” stands for. We hope to see them again soon with new tracks.

(Thanks a lot Gaia for words & Ganga Dhara for photos) 

by Kavaldi 

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