[Quick Fixes] Mexicocaine - The Stoned Ape EP

Mexicocaine - The Stoned Ape EP
“Mexicocaine” is a five piece band from Thessaloniki, Greece, and this is their introduction work “The Stoned Ape” EP, which consists of five tracks. Their sound stands somewhere between hard rock and the heavy rock stuff we tend to call “stoner”.

The EP has some good ideas dispersed among the presented songs but their best composition is hands down “Lizards”. A slow tempo bluesy song filled with some desert vibes and great guitar work. 
It would be harsh and maybe unfair to talk about the slightly “flat” production of this EP, and this because “The Stoned Ape” is Mexicocaine’s first work, and a first production like this, is within reason. If there’s something that the band should consider to work a little a bit more according to my humble opinion, this would be the vocals. In most of the songs, the voice’s hue and the singing style reminded me more of a heavy metal singing, a fact that I found a bit distracting  from the spirit of the most compositions here.

In conclusion “The Stoned Ape” EP has its moments but there are also some things that need to be taken care of, in order Mexicocaine to shine.

1. Fred, Overman and I
2.The Stoned Ape
3. Lizards
4. Desert Highway
5. Underdog

by Vasilis Durden

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