[Live Report] Lucky Funeral Live Release Party w/ Sadhus, Allochiria @ Athens, 17/05/2013

Lucky Funeral Live Release Party w/ Sadhus, Allochiria @ Athens, 17/05/2013
New album is out from Lucky Funeral and they presented it with a very powerful live along with Sadhus (The Smokin Community) and Allochiria. The new album is called "Find Your Soul In Beautiful Lunatics" and is their third full length release.

Friday night as well, and the first band taking place on stage was Allochiria. A very interesting band with sludge/post/metal tones and killer female vocals, influenced by Neurosis, Isis, Pelican etc. They played tracks from their self titled EP and from their upcoming release. Loud and passionate created a heavy and psychedelic atmosphere, the best way for starting the night. 

After a quarter Sadhus came on stage. Massive and tied sound as it should be, in order to reach the style of Electric Wizard and the whole family of this genre, heavy sludge rock. With changes from three minute groove 'n' roll songs to lengthy doom submersion, shacked us and end their performance with a nice cover of Motorhead's "Bomber". 

With a fast pace, the stage changed and the next band was Lucky Funeral, who took us straight to the point, playing songs from their new album. The band has gone a step forward, trying out new paths. We heard clean vocals, Greek lyrics, different guitars, but all of these taken out from their own filter. Gradually they got to the old ones and the atmosphere was getting better with the emotional highlight being "Stay Away" from their first album, where the two past guitarists of Lucky Funeral played along and the situation turned to a live party. One and a half hour later the instrumental "Babis The Stoned Cat" represented the curtain fall and an awesome show came to its end.

by Kavaldi

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