[Review] Uncle Acid And The Deadbeats - Mind Control

Uncle Acid And The Deadbeats - Mind Control
The British masters of fog returned with their new album "Mind Control". A record that everyone, and I mean everyone was expecting. A completely justified waiting since "Blood Lust", an album which came from nowhere, conquered the first place in a lot of end of the year lists. Hundreds of posts and reviews were praising it. Undoubtedly was something exceptional, well-crafted and in a way different. "Vol. 1" had passed unnoticed for many of us. It was a pity because after I paid the appropriate attention to it, I realized how close is to "Blood Lust" in terms of quality. 

Therefore I reached the conclusion that both of them are stunning examples of what a band can do based only on their music. And that's what made me respect Uncle Acid. Their best promotion was their music. I haven't seen a single writing by them, self-praising themselves on how they're the best act.  I put them as one of the most decent bands out there and this played a major role in their success.

Releasing a new album was something like an edged sword for them. On the one hand, everyone wanted to listen more Uncle Acid tunes. We humans are greedy and demand more. Always. Especially when it comes to things that please us. On the other hand, the band had lost the element of surprise they had with "Blood Lust" where no one expecting it and blew our heads off out of nowhere. Adding the burden of success and the fact of your audience waiting something equally spectacular, put some extra pressure to the band.

One of Uncle Acid's strongest characteristics is that they don't afraid to subtly infuse pop in their music. Not with the unblushing way, Ghost do for example. But intelligently giving a pop air, just enough for the average "metalhead" to like it without being aware of it.

And that's why they partially fail in "Mind Control". While they're at their best when they create songs having a pop structure, their more jam-oriented, extended songs lack of vitality. They don't have their distinctive spark. The first half of "Mind Control" continues where "Blood Lust" left. The second one maps different paths and frankly it didn't work for me.

Overall "Mind Control" is surely a sick release. Who can deny the haunting charm of "Mind Crawler", "Poison Apple" or "Evil Love". In my mind though it works like an EP, if you get my point. I don't know what Uncle Acid can and will do next. I don't want to listen another "Blood Lust" or "Vol. 1" even if I worship them. Dark garage doomness is their thing for sure. Maybe they should try some occult freak-beat next. But let's see what the future brings. For now I'm just waiting to catch them live in a few days. From what I read they're good but as a whole it doesn't add anything in the recorded experience. And I'm curious how performing in an open-space will work for them since the only place I can imagine them playing live is in a dark, musty basement...

by Thanos

01. Mt. Abraxas
02. Mind Crawler
03. Poison Apple
04. Desert Ceremony
05. Evil Love
06. Death Valley Blues
07. Follow The Leader
08. Valley Of The Dolls
09. Devil's Work

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