[Quick Fixes] Annimal Machine - Annimal Machine EP

Annimal Machine - Annimal Machine EP
I have noticed two things when it comes to music from Latin America. The first one is its aggressiveness. Every band I've heard coming from there are like a bunch of raging bulls. I bet that even a Mexican sunshine pop band would be bellicose in a way or another.
My second observation is about their love or even better worship of fuzz. Annimal Machine have both of them. These three rabid bastards released an EP last September and they're on the way for a debut album.
With "Condenado" being the highlight, their EP is like a plate full of jalapeños ready for devourment. Vocals maybe the only downside when it comes to slow parts since they fit better in faster tempo tunes. Fuzzy? For sure... Violent? You bet. Heavy? As fuck. Name your price and get burned.
Year: 2013
Hometown: Ciudad Guzmán, Mexico
01. Condenado
02. A Fistful Of Dollars
03. Rage

by Thanos

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