[Review] Lothorian - Welldweller

Lothorian's debut album is the second release by the Italian label, Acid Cosmonaut Records and I have to give my kudos to Luca for signing these guys. It was a long time since I actively listened and got so deep in a new heavy doom-oriented release like "Welldweller". Lothorian's members come from diverse backgrounds, something distinct in their music where the genre-blending process results in 6 enjoyable compositions which all fall under the Doom/Sludge banner in one way or another.

The thing with Lothorian is that no matter in which field they decide to play, they do it really good. From the dark desert grooves of "Shallow Ground" to the daunting "Weeldweller" where a voice coming out of a muddy well's bottom is calling Electric Wizard and Weedeater for a riff fight, everything is executed with consummate skill. The pinch of space added in "Atmosphere" sounds good too and I think they should invest more "resources" to their trippy side since it looks promising. In "Doomsday Calling" besides the thick slab of sludgy doomness, you'll spot some epic-Bathory bits and pieces especially in track's second half. And I will close this quick look in "Welldweller" tracks with my personal favorite, "Cult". A hundred tones of pure, oozing with hate, vigorous intensity compressed in less that five minutes and ready to explode in your innocent sensitive face.

By having just enough variety to keep it interesting, Lothorian brings another serving of tuned-down heaviness. They definitely know how to write good songs which will be embraced by a variety of audiences. Personally I'm hooked up to it. Let's see what the future will bring for this ambituous, full of potentials band.

by Thanos

01. Witchhunt
02. Welldweller
03. Atmosphere
04. Doomsday Calling
05. Cult
06. Shallow Ground

Physical Needs: Acid Cosmonaut Records

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