[Review] Haunted Leather - Red Road

Haunted Leather - Red Road
There are some bands out there whose music has something special. Or even paranormal in a way. You know it when you put their record playing and instantly new imaginative forms and functions start to take life in front of you, transporting you in a new ghost world or transforming your earthly reality into one. It's like something haunting taking control of your brain, leaving you unable of making your own thoughts and dreams. One of these cases is called Haunted Leather, a Michigan based psyche band and more particularly their new release "Red Road".

So what anyone could expect from Haunted Leather... First of all, repetitive mid-tempo bass and drum beats as the scenery where everything are taking place. Then a lot of generous - and I mean really generous - doses of reverb; an illusive singer that does more mumbling and reciting than conventional singing and an organ washing out the dust guitar chords produce... But the impressive thing about Haunted Leather is the way they manipulate all the above mentioned dreamcatchers in order to create an acid-bred cemetery in the middle of the desert, where reality is mixed up with illusions and holy ghosts are dancing under the greasy garage grooves of "You Shouldn't Ask".

The works of Jodorowsky seem to play a great role in how their music is shaped and if for example you have seen "El Topo", then you'll find yourself having an audiovisual experience while listening to "Red Road".

Haunted Leather are doing a great job in combining present and past and forming their own identity. I enjoyed listening to this album a dozen times until now... The question is how are they going to proceed or evolve if you want in the future... That's a question only they can answer. For now indulge yourself into the trance-like state of mind called "Red Road"...

by Thanos

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