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09 February 2013

[Quick Fixes] Bardo Pond - Yntra

Year: 2012
Hometown: Philadelphia, USA
01. The Cawl
02. Side To Side
03. A Crossing

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Bardo Pond have been out there for more than twenty fully productive years, having a lot -and I mean a lot- releases in their back. Last year they released "Yntra" a 35min EP divided in three epic tunes, starting with the incredible "The Cawl", a monumental sonic temple built in washes of treated guitar reverb and a screaming voice that haunts you. "Side To Side" is getting heavier and is based in a repetitive riff which works well but nothing special... And there's also the 20min "A Crossing", an excellent slab of psychedelia, some times lying down in the cosmic hammock and others speeding up to reach the stars. Couldn't expect anything less by this band...  

by Thanos


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