[Quick Fixes] Aleph Null - Belladonna

Year: 2013
Hometown: Cologne / Düsseldorf, Germany
01. Belladonna Wreath
02. Mars Father
03. Gagarin
04. Solar Sail

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One year after the release of their powerful debut EP, Aleph Null strike back with "Belladonna". Following the steps of "Dale", they manage once again to build a fat, thick sound. Being even tighter than before, deliver us tracks like the really heavy ‘n’ catchy “Belladonna Wreath” or the ferocious, sinister "Mars Father". The spacey, acoustic calmness off "Gagarin" works like a kind of muscle relaxing, before my favorite track "Solar Sail" kicks in. Starting as a thick slab of doom with low end riffage, evolves to an almost spaced-out jam after it's being processed by ear pounding percussion, low-gravity bass, even more groove and of course Philip's exceptional vocal parts. A cracking release by Aleph Null and it's out there for free... Check out also their video for "Belladona Wreath".

by Thanos

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