[Review] Kadavar - Kadavar

"You can't reinvent the wheel, but you can roll it", they say in "This Charming Man Records", presenting us Kadavar and their self titled debut album. Kadavar is a three member band coming from Germany, leaving a lot of Scandinavian bands (the pioneers in the 70's retro-rock wave) of the same musical genre biting their heavy dust.

Fairly influenced from 70's rock hard bands, they don't confide themselves in simply following that vintage hype which rapidly and steadily is gaining ground.

But they are setting their own tone exploiting their influences from Hawkwind, Led Zeppelin, Pentagram and Black Sabbath, giving us their first awesome album. Let me get this straight, we are not talking about a breakthrough release or about a water shaking band. It has all been said before. Kadavar give us an honest album without pretending to be something more than just a skillfull band with awesome taste in music.

With 6 tracks full of fuzzy riffs and dusty vocals the album takes the route that Witchcraft and Graveyard have traced out. But that's not all that Kadavar has accomplished. Following a certain musical path, each track is as much similar as different to the previous one. "Black Sun" and "Godess Of Dawn" start out doomy, with heavy riffs and the drums setting the tone in order to meet with a more psychedelic touch towards the end. As for "Purple Sage" it justifies Hawkwind's legacy giving us 8 minutes of pure psychedelic rock with distorted vocals on top with special space rock treats. Hell of a closure for a release that will totally satisfy the advocates of the kind while being an excellent sample the "noobies" that wanna start digging in.

Kadavar is a pure, honest doom/classic/psych stoner band with fuzzy 70's compositions.The production gives the album that warm and at the same time dirty feeling it deserves. With their last track they prove that they are not just imitating previous bands with the same musical orientation. They genuinely create their music based on the best of the best matieral having already found a separate identity. When a band manages to do so by keeping it real and simple then you have a band worth noticing. A lot of passion, undisputed music skills with a great amount of 70's heavy rock at its finest.. Ladies and Gentlemen, I give you Kadavar!

Written by Maria
01. All About Thoughts
02. Black Sun
03. Forgotten Past
04. Goddess Of Dawn
05. Creature Of The Demon
06. Purple Sage

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