Downtuned Magazine Goes ''International''...

Downtuned Magazine Goes "International"...
As I had written in Downtuned's facebook page few days ago, I was thinking of including some reviews for releases coming from outside Greece. The feedback for my idea was at least positive. So I took the decision, after a lot of thinking. I've already put on hiatus my other blog (Stoned Sun Vibrations) and I'll concentrate on Downtuned Mag.

Of course the 'zine will still be focused on what happens in the Greek heavy rock scene as far as news/reviews/reports/interviews concerned. But I'll include reviews about bands from all over the world (and probably some interviews too). Since I'd started running Downtuned Radio, I found it a good idea to "promote" bands both by writing about them and spinning their tunes on the radio. Naturally I'll try to keep a ratio between Greek/foreign posts, I'll focus on "smaller", less famous bands and at least in the beginning I'm going to work mainly with requests coming from bands...

So if you're in a band, no matter where you're coming from, don't hesitate to contact us through our contact section. Please be patient, until we'll be fully organised and see how we'll work out the whole matter.

The first post of our new "section" will be up in a couple of days (it's going to be about a band visiting Greece for a gig soon, written by a member of Downtuned Radio's team). I hope you'll embrace this new effort!

Stay Downtuned,

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