[Review] Dope Flood - A Planet On Four Legs EP

Dope Flood - A Planet On Four Legs EP
At last, the time has come to talk about Dope Flood. Although I'm aware of their debut EP by the time it was released and caught them live once, I neglected to post about it. Don't ask me why... I don't know.
So since it was voted as one of the best releases of 2011 and the guys are going to give a live performance in March (more info soon...), let's see what they're all about...
Dope Flood are coming from Larissa where they formed in 2010 by Cris (guitars) and Manos (vox). Bill (drums) and Asterios (bass) joined them after a while and last March the four youngsters released their first work, a three-track EP titled "A Planet On Four Legs".

Just from the beginning of their EP, it is clear that the guys have it. These newcomers have a catchy, groovy sound and their compositions work like a charm. What surprised me here is the great production they have. Heavy, thick and letting each part's (guitar,bass etc.) contribution being clear. As I wrote their EP features three tunes of electrifying heavy rock enriched with stoner's pulsating grooves and a touch of grunge mentality.

"Uncertain" is the opening track, incorporating some intense guitar riffs, a wonderful drum-work (you'll find plenty of it in all three tracks) and Manos' excellent - in my opinion - vocals which are one of the major characteristics of their sound. "Shades" comes next, balancing between desert rock "laziness" and some furious bursts showing us for one more time that Dope Flood know how to write catchy tunes. Last track is "A Planet On Four Legs", a high tension track too with some laid back moments in it but also a lot of powerhouse guitar work. I left mentioning the bass for the end  'cause Asterios in all three tracks makes an excellent work by providing to Dope Flood the groove and thickness so they can penetrate your brain.

For me Dope Flood is one the biggest hopes in Greek heavy rock scene. They're young, they've just started and delivered us a remarkable sample of their music. They know how to write quality songs, how to play them right with soul and passion, and of course they're having all the time in the world to evolve and enrich their sound. Of course their influences are clear but at the same time they are capable of leaving their own personal stamp in what they do. The production helps them a lot but believe me if you catch them live, you'll see that their songs loose nothing compared with their studio versions. So don't pass them up and give it a listen.... They worth it!

01. Uncertain
02. Shades
03. A Planet On Four Legs

For physical needs you can contact the band for more info at: dopeflood[at]yahoo[dot]gr

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