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20 December 2011

[Live Report] Karma To Burn, Planet Of Zeus, The Dive @ Athens, 16/12/2011

I'm up very early and I'm in a mood of writing... Yesterday night I was present at An Club to watch a concert of three bands whose this year's albums are featuring in my lists for the best releases in 2011. Beard at it's best.

The usual delay and about 10:00 The Dive is on stage. Psychedelic sounds mixed with stoner and hard rock never left me indifferent so I enjoyed it. Good sound, good performance and the beer start to flow.

I don’t know what time is it but Planet Of Zeus introduce themselves and the fuckin' show is on. Well, shave my back and call me an elf as Oghren would say. I’ve never watched them before and surely impressed me. Very good sound, very good stage performance, bulging with energy and a set list based in their last album, "Macho Libre". Leftovers, Dawn Of The Dead, Vanity Suit and our heads explode... They may remind me of Down, stronger than they should, but they do it so fuckin' great. Their songs are written to be played live and you can tell it from the first note. Well I'm sure that in Rockwave Festival we will have a great time...

Karma To Burn is a big band. When you are able to keep 500 people focused on you without even saying a word, then you must have something else. And they do have it. Having on their side their latest album they made us drink a lot of beer and bang our heads about one and a half hour. Groove, guitars, groove, guitars, drums, bass and back to the beginning. That was all that was needed. I can tell you that, these guys are from another planet, even the way they look. Rob Oswald is the biggest figure of a drummer that I've ever seen. Like a giant, white bearded spider he was pouncing on his kit like there's no tomorrow.

Well to summarize. If you keep in mind that ticket's price was 20 euros, the beer costed 3 euros each and that there were playing 3 bands, I think we all had a great time... Fuckin' A!!!

Report by J.D.


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