Downtuned Magazine's Poll Results: Best Greek Releases For 2011

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Last day of the year and it's a good time to see what Greece have offered in 2011's heavy scene. Although 2011 wasn't a good year at all when we're talking about music was definitely a rich one. A lot of releases came out, many great gigs were held and of course plenty of expectations for better things to come were created...

So let's start with the results of Downtuned Magazine's poll about which Greek releases made a really big impression to the world out there. The votes were much more than I expected (almost 370, not bad for a relatively new 'zine). Overall we had eight full albums and seven EPs. Since the poll contained the albums along with the EPs there is no need to separate them now. Even if it seems unfair, I dont't think it is since we're talking about fifteen releases and it's a good thing to see some newly-born bands take a good position with their first efforts... It's a matter of confidence after all...

The countdown:
High Noon - The Red EP

15. High Noon - The Red EP

Gomgoma - Sick Theories EP

14. Gomgoma - Sick Theories EP

Craang - Recordings Volume 1 Demo

13. Craang - Recordings Volume 1 Demo
This Is Nowhere - This Is Nowhere 7"

12. This Is Nowhere - This Is Nowhere 7"

The Bliss - Gabbatha

11. The Bliss - Gabbatha

Weathers - Heavy Truck EP

10. Weathers - Heavy Truck EP
45Rats - First Gear EP

09. 45Rats - First Gear EP

Lord 13 - 2013

08. Lord 13 - 2013

Sun Of Nothing - The Guilt Of Feeling Alive

07. Sun Of Nothing - The Guilt Of Feeling Alive

The Dive - The Dive

06. The Dive - The Dive

Universe217 - Familiar Places

05. Universe217 - Familiar Places

Dope Flood - A Planet On Four Legs EP

04. Dope Flood - A Planet On Four Legs EP

And here are the three top Greek releases for 2011 :

Brotherhood Of Sleep - Dark As Light
03. Brotherhood Of Sleep - Dark As Light

Don't be scared from tracks' long duration because the sure thing is that you'll never be bored. You see, one of the band's abilities is to drive your mind from hypnosis to pure fury and back. Think it like a good book, which travels your emotions and let you build your own unique scenery as you reading it.
"Dark As Light" is like a heavy psych journey to space, sometimes you get dominated by light sometimes by darkness.

Brotherhood Of Sleep - Dark As Light
02. Planet Of Zeus - Macho Libre

Put on your truck hat and boots, get some booze and tobacco and let these gents take you a trip to U.S. south. Here we have an album full of great heavy groove-ridden tunes that blast your head.
The songs are meant to play live and loud (actually you get this live feeling, listening to "Macho Libre"). They are made for partying. You know, couple of friends, a pack of beers, put some Planet of Zeus on and all your problems are gone.

Brotherhood Of Sleep - Dark As Light
01. 1000mods - Super Van Vacation

1000mods play straight, furious stoner rock. Nothing more, nothing less. And they put their heart and soul in that. Their influences are present and obvious but they use them in a great manner, producing a record which really stands out. And I keep saying it (the influence stuff) because few people judged them about this in the past, like it was something really bad. Obviously they don't get it. Stoner is all about feeling, passion and candidness. So when it comes to these terms, 1000mods are definitely winners. And "Super Van Vacation" is a killer straight-shooter album!!

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  1. You gave me more than I ever expeeeeected

  2. I fully agree with the TOP 3 !
    Viva Greek Stoner !