[Live Report] Planet Of Zeus, Hidden In The Basement, Dope Flood @ Larissa, 30/04/11

Planet Of Zeus, Hidden In The Basement, Dope Flood @ Larissa, 30/04/11

Dope Flood: Wow! These youngsters were a fucking surprise! Despite of their young age and the fact that they're a newly formed band, they got up on stage and let loose their heavy stoner storm.

They were very tight as a band, they delivered some really cool grooves from their demo and performed a fine cover of Kyuss' "Green Machine".

I totally loved these guys. Awesome tunes, amazing energy on stage and of course they have the credentials for greater things to come. Check them out if you have the chance!

Hidden In The Basement: Next on stage were H.I.T.B. As they told us this was their last gig until Christmas cause their guitarist Tsav has to join the army. So, they gave it all that night. Southern spirit and music from these Down-lovers with some nwoamhm elements in it. Great sound and despite the problems Tsav had with his guitar they were a blast.
To be honest, at some point during their set I was kind of tired but it's only my personal taste since the crowd seemed to enjoy them (although, their Down cover blow my head off).

Planet Of Zeus: Oh, boy I was expecting so much their appearance (I had never seen them live and their new album is excellent) and few hours before the live begins, I learned that Babis had taken his voice a little bit over the limits the day before so he wasn't in his best condition. But when they got up on stage all my fears were gone. These guys' passion took all the problems away and here they were, giving their best. Welcome to NOLA!

Amazing professional performance, high voltage grooves blasting all over the place and four overkinetic mates, that absolutely enjoy what they do, bringing America's south in Greece. The songs from their new release were even better on stage, stinking Jack and swamp (Babis' vocals give an extra touch with his southern-style accent). Tunes from their first album were performed too and I think they sounded cooler and tighter.

With their new release showed that they really have been improved and they are in the same rank as many major bands of this kind. With gigs like that, they just confirm it. Planet of Zeus proved that are one of the pioneers of Greece's heavy/stoner rock scene (personally I place them straight in #1) .

P.S: The whole live's duration was 3 hours, full of awesome music, three powerful bands on stage,highly energetic crowd, mosh pits(!!) and countless stage-dives. Well, that's what I call a goood live!

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