[Review] Miss Fortune Was A Henhouse Manager

Miss Fortune Was A Henhouse Manager A couple of months ago, Spinalonga Records released this amazing compilation by gathering 16 of Greece's finest heavy bands.

It's a release which covers the wider audience of downtuned sound either it's stoner and sludge or drone and post metal. Think it about like a recording from a local Greek Roadburn festival and you'll get the idea.

All 19 songs included in this compilation, are brand new and recorded for this purpose. In my opinion, it's the best and most complete introduction to Greek heavy scene and a great opportunity for all of you to discover what it has to offer.

Well, I think it's not necessary to describe each track or band separately. It is worth to find it out by yourselves. The sure thing is that all songs are at least above average and no matter what style or sound you are into, you will find something that fits your taste and needs.

Side A:
01. Yassa - Matthew,(5:30)
02. Sun Of Nothing - Dead End Nights And Bright Mornings(And The Things Between Em)
03. National Pornographik - Gybiolt
04. Drunk Motherfuckers - Ain't Give No Shit About Sobers
05. Nechayevschina - Stoner City Dub
06. Last Rizla - Battles: Sinatra
07. Korsikov - Liqweedator
08. Stonenrow - The Harvest
09. Yassa - B.I.I.D.

Side B:
01. Yassa - Aokigahara
02. Bad Trip - God Mode
03. Sadhus, The Smoking Community - Foondamentalist
04. Brotherhood Of Sleep - Ain Berashyth
05. Universe217 - Black Widow
06. 1000Mods - Sister Fucker (Part I)
07. Sector Illusion - IDMUSXX
08. Extraordinary Rendition - Guantanamo Bay
09. Circassian - Rashidun Caliphate Surf
10. Yassa - Autotomy

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