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[Suggestion] Megalith Levitation - Acid Doom Rites
[Suggestion] The Answer? - …And It’s Already Tomorrow
Top 10+ releases for 2019  by Kavaldi
Top 66 Albums of the Decade (by Sakaros)
Top-100 Albums of the Decade (by Pijo)
[Suggestion] Six Steps Above the Earth - Step 5
[Suggestion] TUNKS - Julio's walls shake
[Suggestion] Tidal Shock - Black Hole Genesis
[Suggestion] Mantra Machine - Heliosphere
[Suggestion] Vain Valkyries - Party on Deimos
[Suggestion] Dark Numbers - If It Was It Would Be So
[Suggestion] Speedhack - Speedhack
[Suggestion] Kooba Tercu - Kharrüb
[Suggestion] 7-ODDS - What Are The Odds?
[Suggestion] Bone Rave - Four Elements
[Suggestion] Liquidacid - Ethyl Heptanoate
[Suggestion] Their Methlab - The Last Second
[Suggestion] We Here Now - The Chikipunk Years
[Suggestion] Ghostland - Dances on Walls
[Suggestion] Vagina Lips - Generation Y