[SS&tMN] Tarifes Nomades

Tarifes Nomades - Subrealistic Jell-oh
"Supa Scoopa and the Mighty Noob" is a new section of Downtuned Magazine which will periodically present a new band that in our opinion is worth checking out.

The first 'Supa Scoopa and the Mighty Noob' entry is about "TARIFES NOMADES"

Hailing from Athens, Greece, 'Tarifes Nomades" play instrumental desert rock with a psychedelic, trippy touch and gave their first track: 'Subrealistic Jell​-​Oh' into publicity a few days ago through their bandcamp page. Coincidentally, this release came into my attention the days that they temperature around here was rising to reach over 40 degrees and probably this was the right time to listen to such a track which I enjoyed and it really impressed me as I wasn't aware of the band.
The band is consisted of four members aged between 27 and 38 years old, each with quite different musical background. Being inactive for some years they decided to join their forces and form a band.
In an effort to avoid the mistakes of their past they started jamming without questioning anything and without giving it a lot of thought they decided to let the compositions "shape" the band and not vice-versa. Their first aim is to create one track after every jam.

The name "Tarifes Nomades" (meaning 'Taxi Drivers Nomads' in Greek) was chosen because Mike, the drummer is a taxi driver and has lived in 5 different towns so far.
All the members (Basil: guitar / Ilias: guitar / Mike: drums / Lia: bass) but to a different extend each one of them declared they are in a state of: "I'm not very well" and they don't like to share their past. Basil is a bit more in an "I'm not very well state" than the others and he is shouting a little more to impose himself on the rest, he also does the recordings, the editing and the production.

Here, in Downtuned Magazine, we would like to thank the band for taking the time to provide all this info about themselves. We honestly urge you to take the time and listen to their first single release because we think it deserves it and it creates pretty good expectations for the future.

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  1. nice jam!! We need more of this stuff...

  2. i think rythmicaly has a prog influence that's mixing well with the designedly out of tune spaced out guitars